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Carolyn Hessinger

Painting challenges me to try to put on paper the effect of light on color and how that affects mood. I have always worked in transparent watercolor, with the white of the paper being my white, and the paper "lightning" my subjects. Darks in my paintings are not black but a varied mix of the three primary colors. I am, at heart, an optimistic person so I paint what I like, choosing subjects that speak to me and capture my feelings and interests. The play of light and shadow on island landscapes, rolling fields, old buildings, beautiful water and glorious flowers are frequent subjects of my paintings

While working on a painting, I often find myself developing a mental narrative to go with the scene. I wonder about the back story of old buildings, who lived or worked there, who saw and loved those same fields and flowers. I try to convey on paper the feelings that a particular scene evokes in me. In island tradition, I encourage those who view my art to become storytellers and do the same.

I am an artist by practice rather than professional training. My first teacher was my father, an amateur painter who made sure I had the opportunity and encouragement to explore art as a part of my life. 

As an adult, I have continued to learn by practicing, reading, studying, and participating in multi-day workshops by professional watercolorists such as Charles Reid, Skip Lawrence, Joe Miller, Susan Chater, Betty Jenkins, and others. Life is good.

I am a long-time visitor to the island and a summer resident since 2010. I continue to be inspired to try to capture the island's peaceful beauty.

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