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OM Made Soaps


We wanted to be involved in a business that was useful as well as beautiful. In this modern age, we are inundated with endless widgets that are in one day and then out of favour by the next. Soap on the other hand is a product that everyone needs and uses on a daily basis. Sure there are all types of commercial soap on the market but who knows what nasty impact they have on the environment and our body? We find that making soap is just the most beautiful business in the world. On a daily basis we as a couple are working together handcrafting something good and we are engulfed in this amazing environment that not only smells delicious but is deliciously creamy to use. Our customers are the type of people who are intelligent, environmentally conscious folks, people we just love to hang out with.

We want people to be happy and it’s just not possible to be unhappy when someone smells all these heavenly scents and for just a few pennies they can transport themselves to Morocco by showering with our Dream Scents of Marrakesh or wash the day stress away with our French Lavender bar. Making and selling soap is just clean fun…..that’s the bottom line…it’s just fun.

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