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Linda McCausland

Linda is a papermaker, creating her papers from Prince Edward Island fibers such as sea weed, dune grass, corn husks, wheat stalk and cat tails. Many of her specialty papers are from fibers grown in her own gardens, specifically for the papermaking process.  Her studio, Heron Cove, was established in 2007.

Papermaking can be as easy as pulping recycled paper or it might take the more complicated process...  starting from scratch with raw fiber.  This “from scratch” process requires gathering the desired fiber, such as garlic scapes or dune grass and cooking until the lignin is separated from the cellulose.  This highly prized cellulose is then beaten to a pulp and has the texture of fine oatmeal.  It is then mixed until suspended in a vat of water.  Only then can the papermaker create a sheet of paper.

She has been commissioned to make her highly textured and colorful papers from fibers collected from well known and loved Island gardens, such as The PE Island Preserve Company and Point Prim Organic Farm.  These specialty papers are made into note cards and make lovely keepsakes and gifts for visitors to those areas.

In 2017 & 2018 she began a new line of exploration in HandBound journals and PaperWeaving. Both directing & utilizing her HandMade papers.

Linda's Journals 2002 stacked with beads
Linda McCausland Handmade Paper Journals

In 2016, she was invited to share her other Fiber Art passion... Hand dyeing and hand spinning wool from Maritime sheep.  These unique handspuns can be seen as skeins or used in her Hooked rug mats.

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