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Ayelet Somekh

Ayelet Somekh Stewart

I was born in Oxford, England, but grew up in Israel where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from Bezalel Academy Art and Design in Jerusalem. Upon completing my BFA I opened an independent studio where I designed and sold my jewelry creations. After four years, I wanted to continue to develop my skills and explore the world therefore, I decided to pursue a Master's of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Japan.

I graduated with my MFA in 2000 from Kanazawa College of Art as a Japanese Government scholar specializing in traditional Japanese Metal techniques. The techniques I learned, alongside an unparalleled Japanese aesthetic continue to influence my work. I continued to travel the world and gained new inspirations, eventually settled in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada where I have live with my family.

In PEI, I have continued to design and create jewelry using a combination of my knowledge skills from my education, travel, and experiences; however, my work is also now heavily influenced by the beautiful PEI coastal landscapes, beaches, and ocean life. I spend hours walking along the beach, marveling at the beauty that is left exposed by the tides. I explore the flora, fauna, and the many sea creatures that have washed onto the shoreline. My designs are also inspired by the barnacle formations on rock clusters of shells, and the range of bright colours of seaweed I find floating in low waters.


An integral part of my work is texturing and colour, so I combine different techniques to create vivid and unique finishes to my work. I work primarily with silver and gold, and use gems, pearls and enamel to add colour and highlight the design of many of my pieces. The process of designing and making jewelry intrigues me and I love exploring new ideas. My pieces are all hand made and in limited production or one of a kind pieces. My work has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. I have won scholarships and awards and my work has been included in juried group shows in Japan, Israel, Europe and North America. I have also taught workshops and design classes at numerous locations around the world.

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