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Ellen - 1 Logo - Blue Lobster Barn Quilt
Ellen - 2 - Outside Blue Lobster Barn Qu

Montague, PEI 

t. 902-838-2056 

c. 647-289-7987  

Ellen Smith-Morris

Blue Lobster Custom Handcrafted Barn Quilts
Ellen - 2 - Outside with Barn Quilts IMG

Ellen Smith-Morris has been a decorative painter for over 25 years and lives in Montague with her husband, Dan in their lovingly restored century farmhouse where she creates hand painted barn quilts in her adjoining studio. Barn Quilts are traditional quilt block designs painted on exterior MDO sign board that may be hung wherever your heart desires.

Ellen - 2 - Mariner's Compass 36 x 36 IM
Ellen - 2 - Outside  IMG_0452.JPG
Ellen - 2 - Outside - Barn Quilt IMG_000

Quilting with fabric has existed for centuries in all different cultures.  The painting of Barn Quilts was started in 2001 in Ohio by Donna Sue Groves who simply wanted to honour her mother's memory and her Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn.  Her idea caught on like wildfire.  She started the first quilt trail in her county and then went on to promote the idea of quilt trails in other States.  Presently, there are 800 barn quilts hanging in the state of Kentucky alone.

Ellen - Carpenter's Wheel 24 x 24 IMG_50
Ellen - Anchors Away 24 x 24
Ellen - Cubes and Arrows 24 x 24 IMG_510

The PEI Agricultural Awareness Committee launched it's Barn Quilt Trail in 2017 to coincide with  Canada's 150 anniversary celebrations.  Visitors are encouraged to follow the map to locate the different painted quilts spread across the Island, as a kind of agri-tourism scavenger hunt.

I am very fortunate to have a garage for sanding and prep work as well as an art studio to do all my finish painting. To ensure years of enjoyment, each board is sanded and edges sealed with acrylic caulking. Then three coats of exterior oil primer are applied along with four to five coats of Behr Marquis Exterior Paint & Primer in One. This process takes 3 - 4 weeks, but the end result is a beautiful piece of outdoor art that will last for many years.

Ellen - 12 Point Star 24 x 24 IMG_5109.j
Ellen - 12-Point Star 24 x 24 IMG_5101.j
Ellen - Farmer's Star 24 x 24 IMG_5127.j

Now, Barn Quilts are not restricted to barns.  They can be made in different sizes and can be installed in all different places, i.e; on sheds,  houses, cottages, fences, decks, gardens, boats, address signs, business signs, house interiors ...skies the limit really.  Typically, the size of the barn quilt should be proportionate to where the quilt would be hung.


I will have 12”x 36”, 24”x 24” and 36”x 36” boards on display for purchase at the Artisans on Main gallery. Of course, larger sizes may be ordered and I welcome requests for custom designs and colours.

I look forward to working with customers to create meaningful pieces of exterior/interior art to be enjoyed for years to come.

Ellen - Star Block 24 x 24 IMG_0436.JPG
Ellen - Blue Jay 24 x 24 IMG_5108.jpg
Ellen - Starpoint 24 x 24 IMG_5102.jpg
Ellen - 2 -  Workshop - IMG_0450.JPG
Ellen - Squares & Arrows 24 x 24 IMG_043
Ellen - Cardinal 24 x 24 IMG_5104.jpg



12” X 36”  $120 - $150

24” X 24”  $120 - $150

36” x 36”  $250 - $300

48” x 48”  $400 - $450

72” x 72”  $500 and up

96” x 96”  $650 and up 


Custom orders generally booking 3-6 weeks ahead.

Ellen - 2 - Workshop  - Busy as a Bee in
Ellen - 2 - Workshop IMG_4597.JPG
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