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Janice Brydges

Janice Wet Felting Apron 2020 IMG_3699 (1).jpg

Janice was born in southern Ontario into a family of musicians and artists and currently resides in Woodstock, New Brunswick, during the winter and Savage Harbour during the summer.  She studied at the University of Toronto and has been a teacher in both Canada and Singapore for thirty-three years.  Her life has been filled with music as an accompanist, performer and writer.  Janice has always been interested in arts and has developed a love for fiber arts since retirement. She loves to explore and experiment with colour and texture when working her fiber creations.

Felting of Island Blue Heron

Felting of Lighthouse on the Shore

Felting of The Poppy Fields

Felting of Wild Flowers

Felting of Van Gogh Inspired Sunflowers

Janice 20190602_183230.jpg
Janice 1956.JPG
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