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Jim Aquilani

Vitamin Sea Studio -  The Cure to Common Jewelry

Jim Aquilani is a self-taught silversmith, he utilizes precious metals and found objects to create unique, one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art.


When not hard at work in his Murray Harbour studio, Jim finds inspiration while walking the beautiful beaches and trails of Prince Edward Island.


In addition to being featured in several island galleries, Jim’s work has made its way into private collections in North America and abroad.


For more about Jim and his unique and beautiful work, visit his Facebook page:

In the Shelter of Mother's Little Helper

When I came across this old photo I immediately thought of the lyrics to the Rolling Stones' song "Running for the shelter of mother's little helper."

This woman appears absolutely un-phased by the chaos surrounding her.  Of course it's always up to the wearer to interpret the piece themselves!

The pendent has been constructed with numerous pieces of Sterling Silver that have been painstakingly textured, formed and constructed.  The frame is also of Sterling Silver.

Heat treatment and liver of sulphur patina were used for the colouration and to accent the texture.  Just a fun piece.

Measures 1 1/2" x 1"

Jim - In the Shelter of Mother's Little
Jim - I'm Loving It - Bracelet IMG_6286

I'm Loving It

I had some newspaper blanks in a box and one day I decided to pick one piece to work with.  

The cuff itself is old Copper tubing.  The centre piece is Tin fastened to the cuff along with hand forged Silver rivets.  The centre piece is 3/4" high x 1" wide.  $150

Jim - Basket Case - Pendant 2020 517EAA0

Basket Case


This 1 1/2" pendant was on the drawing board for quite some time before I finally figured out the best way to execute it!

It was created from Sterling Silver and an old marble.  Many Silversmithing techniques were used in the construction of this pendant.

Some of these same techniques are also employed by Blacksmiths. Piercing, forming, texturing, braiding and soldering were all used to create this pendant.  I really enjoyed working on this one!  $850 

Jim - Redshores - Ring 2020 063903DB cro

Red Shores

Red Shores was created using Sterling Silver, Copper and Mokume Gane.  The top was made using the Mokume process, in which the Copper and Silver sheets are fused together under extreme heat and pressure.  The resulting "slab" is then sliced like a cake.  Using this process creates endless different designs.  

The shank was hand forged, formed and constructed.  A polishing wheel was used to achieve the high shine.  Size 7.5



After revisiting a box of odds and ends I had in a drawer in the studio, I came across this stone.  I had wanted to use it for ages but just couldn't come up with a decent design idea.  Recently, the time came to sit down, design and problem solve.  It finally came together and "Undergrowth" was born! 


The shank has been hand forged and formed with hammers and various other tools to obtain the texture I had in mind while sketching the design. 

Sterling Silver and Stone, Size 12.5   $150

Jim - Undergrowth, Sterling Silver and S
Jim - Deconstructed Mickey - Earrings 20

Deconstructed Mickey

These earrings were created using scraps that pile up when I work on other pieces.

The textures were created in all sorts of ways and with many different types of hammers, punches, a rolling machine, paper clips, stainless steel nails and more!


All of the pieces were carefully laid out and arranged to meet my design ideas.  Once the metals were in place they were soldered to a backing and formed with a doming hammer. 


The last step was applying a dark patina to accentuate the textures and make them pop!  These earrings are exactly the size of a dime.


I continue to be inspired by the vastness of the Universe.  The number of new things discovered in space on a regular basis is absolutely staggering.

The Apsis is the extreme orbit of an object in space.  With this is mind I set out to design a piece that represents my personal take on an Apsis.

This pendant has been constructed with Sterling Silver sheet and tubing, Brass and hand forged "buttons" of Bronze, Copper, and Sterling Silver.  This technique is one I never before have attempted and I have actually never seen this done by anyone.  I intend to continue experimenting with it!

A patina has been applied to the interior of the circles to provide the juxtaposition I was looking for.  This piece measures 3/4" wide by 1 3/4" long.

Jim - Apsis Necklace 2020 B3236750.jpeg
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