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Kathy Stewart

Kathy attended Holland College, taking both Commercial Design and the Information Technology program.  Her photography combines her love of technology, with art and design.  Kathy's currently uses a Nikon DSLR.


Many of the flowers that you see in her photographs were grown in her garden in Charlottetown…. the others were found along roadsides, in ditches and in the woods of Prince Edward Island.  Lately, beaches and bridges of PEI have been favourite subjects for Kathy to photograph, along with the small creatures that venture into her garden.


In her photos, Kathy attempts to capture what is unique about the flower type – whether it be the brilliant colour, the design, or the incredibly intricate patterns that exist in the plant world.  

Kathy's photographs printed on aluminum  uses the dye-fuse process.  This involves heating special dyes to such high temperatures that they go from a solid to a gas without becoming liquid and can be migrated to a transfer sheet.  The transfer sheet is applied using high pressure and a special polymer coating, onto aluminum sheets.  The coating is porous at high temperature and opens to accept the gaseous dyes which results in the images being infused in the aluminum creating prints which are scratch, UV resistant and waterproof.


Kathy also likes to experiment with different framing techniques to enhance and compliment the subject of her photos.

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