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Born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Lindsey Ross is a self taught traditional artist specializing in pen and ink drawings. Artistic from a young age, she had been drawing in this style for 14 years.

Lindsey enjoys the process of methodically creating patterns in free-hand artwork. She often makes mistakes but finds the pleasure in turning them into part of the bigger picture- the joy of life without an undo button.

Lindsey has been working as an artist and illustrator full time for the past year. Her work can be found in many shops in across the Maritimes, or being sold first hand at local markets.

Lindsey - Red Fox - 144+-+11+x+14+c.png
Lindsey - rainbow birds - 146-v2.png
Lindsey - Lighthouse - SM+LIGHTHOUE.png
Lindsey - PEI 11+x+14+ww+w+wm.png
Lindsey - Anchor - LR-142-11.png
Lindsey - Lobster - card5x7blue.png
Lindsey - Plovers - 8+x+10+Plovers.png

Almost all of my pieces begin in pencil. I’ll outline the general shape of the piece, concentrating on balance and proportion. When I intend to hide little figures within a larger shape, I’ll decide at this point where the main things are going, where they might best fit.

From there, it depends on the mediums for what I’ll do next. If it’s watercolour and ink, then I’ll start in with watercolours over the pencil. If I’m sticking to just ink, then I will begin with archival ink pens and add coloured ink at the end.

I have recently been doing lots of ink over watercolour, enjoying the spectrum of colours I can create and following the brush strokes with my pens.

When the work is complete, I scan it in my home studio and then send my file to a local print shop for reproductions. All my reproductions are printed in Charlottetown, and I feel truly grateful for this local resource.

Lindsey - promo-2.jpg
Lindsey - Promo-3.jpg
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