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Lorraine Vatcher

There are many people who will stare intently at a painting but just pass by the actual scene without taking a second glance.  Artists take the time to see what others do not and translate those sights to canvas.  “I want people to look at my creations, to take that second glance and say, Why didn’t I see that before?  Fishers in boats, shorelines, quilts hanging on a clothesline, barnyards, potato fields, these scenes are the ways of life which beckon to me”.


Lorraine started painting in 2001 and has been instructing since 2006.  “There is pride in accomplishing something new, making something you created.  You can paint and not everyone will produce masterpieces but that doesn’t diminish the pride felt when you hold up your very own creation and say, "Wow! I did that", even if that was said to yourself."

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