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Mary L. MacLean

Mary spends most of her time these days enjoying art and animals and often combines her love for both in her acrylic paintings. The landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna of Prince Edward Island provide an endless supply of inspiration for Mary's paintings. Her art captures memories of many hours spent walking on the beach, nature trails and driving through rural areas. Many of her paintings depict scenes in rural Kings County, P.E.I. Never taking her picturesque home province for granted, Mary feels that she has experience a heightened sense of appreciation of the Island since focusing on art. Through her paintings, Mary hopes to create a vehicle for others to visualize the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island as she sees it.

Mary utilizes the versatility of the acrylic medium to create a variety of techniques including watercolor effects, transparent glazes, negative painting, textured and impasto effects with brushes and palette knife. She favors a modern impressionist style. Mary's hobbies include riding her horse, "Red", photography, birding, sailing and stained glass.

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