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Pieter Ijsselstein

Island Potato Soap®​

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Island Potato Soap - Anne Shirley's Lave
Island Potato Soap - Raspberry Cordial.J

Raw potatoes are rich in minerals like potassium and phosphorous, and essentially these minerals are excellent for skin care. There is also the presence of vitamins, enzymes and antioxidant compounds in raw potato juice which helps improve the skin tone. Other benefits of applying potato juice to your skin may include: control and prevention of acne, pimples and blackheads. Potato juice can soothe the inflammation on skin wounds, burns and cuts and has an antibacterial property to help cure skin warts.

Potato juice is also a great moisturizer for dry skin. It helps to hydrate the skin and also makes it soft and supple. Potato juice contains Vitamins A, C, and B which are helpful in reducing wrinkles and pigmentation that develop as the skin ages. Vitamin C, in particular, has been regarded as an anti-aging gem for some time now. Vitamin C has been shown to help protect and repair skin cells and skin to retain its elasticity. Potato Juice is also a natural source for hyaluronic acid which as the ability to keep skin tissue moist and is particularly effective in treating wrinkles and dry skin.

Our Face and Hand Cream contains a significant amount of Vitamin C, approximately 80% of the formulation is made with potato juice. It also contains Camelina Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E has the reputation as an effective moisturizer and a powerful antioxidant. Our ingredient list also includes Abyssinian Oil which is grown here on Prince Edward Island. Our Island Potato Soaps are very moisturizing and have been meticulously developed to produce a great lather which leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

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Island Potato Soap - Blackberry Cordial.
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