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Sid Watts

Sid Watts has a lifelong love for the forests of Prince Edward Island. Trained as a forest manager he spent much of his career seeking higher-value uses for wood from PEI trees.


Sid is a woodlot owner in Kilmuir, PEI and has a deep interest in the many uses the forest has to offer. For many years he saw what he felt were good pieces of wood being used for firewood. He took it upon himself to learn the craft of pen-making. Today, many of those unique pieces of wood are salvaged from the firewood pile and turned into useful functional art, in the form of wood pens.


“There is much inner beauty hidden in the wood of many trees and shrubs that grow in the woodlot. Every piece of wood I put on the lathe is like opening a present when the lath is turned off and the beauty is found within. It is a joy to share this small bit of beauty and spirit from the forest with people everywhere. “


The pens, sold under the name of his woodlot, Watts Tree Farm, are made in many styles. They are durable enough for everyday use and can be handed down for generations.

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All Pens
$59 each

You can learn more about Sid and Watts Tree Farm at:

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