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Susan F. Harrison

Susan is an award-winning multi-media artist who specializes in fused glass. Her work is characterized by use of multiple components and techniques to create complex design and imagery.  Although some of her work is functional, all of it is inspired by the colours of seascapes and landscapes of Prince Edward Island. 


Much of her studio work involves experimentation with mechanisms for getting colour and image into AND onto the glass. This involves the use of 'part sheets' (fused glass elements created to be used as components in more complex compositions), powder printing, enamel silkscreen printing, stenciling and stamping.  Trained as a graphic designer, she creates the images used in these techniques using a variety of digital tools.  Another area of interest is the use of gravity, or 'flow', to create compositions that capture the latent motion and liquidity of the glass.  This body of work is largely influenced by the watercolours of the abstract expressionist Paul Jenkins.


Susan has studied with some of the leading figures in the Warm Glass (fused, kiln formed glass) including Patty Gray, Tanya Veit, Lisa Vogt, Peter McGrain, Paul Messink, Bob Leatherbarrow, Morgan Madison, Marcela Rosemberg and Rita Neuman.  Additionally, she has studied printmaking with Richard Black and typography/graphic design with Stanley Hess.  An avid user of imaging software, Susan is a frequent attendee at Photoshop World, the annual conference for Adobe creatives. She has attended sessions/workshops with Scott Kelby, Serge Ramelli, Matt Kloskowski, Dave Cross, Glyn Dewis, and Julieanne Kost.


Susan has been a juried participant in virtually every highly competitive art festival in Florida, where she spends the winter months.  In the spring, summer and autumn months, she operates a studio in St. Peters Harbour. In addition to the work displayed at Artisans Waterfront, Susan is available to create custom pieces and installations for home, office or cottage. 

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