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Dagny Dryer Rossignol Solo Show

Friday, July 29, Artisans on Main, Motague is pleased to host the opening reception for Dagny Dryer Rossignol, featuring an exciting new group of acrylic, watercolor and collage paintings. Reception begins at 4:00 pm. The show will run from July 29-August 12.

"I started painting watercolours in 1997. I had photographed the landscape most of my life but once I started painting, my vision was so much more acute. I saw things I never noticed before. I was drawn to old wooden and rusted objects such as abandoned houses, old barns and rusty vehicles. However my overriding passion has been trees and leaves - their patterns and lights, reflecting my deep love of the natural world. When I later began acrylic painting , it was like a brand new hobby and I learned to appreciate what one can do with colours and layering of paint. My most recent interests have been abstract landscapes and birds, in both media."

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