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Scallop Rig Redundant

As a seasonal settler (May - November) for the past twenty-one years, I still have much to learn about the Island and Island ways. As a latter day artist (recovering from 30 years in academia), I am drawn to interesting shapes, colour patterns, and objects, some of which I have no clue as to the purpose. This was true for some long ago abandoned equipment left near the fishing stores on the Montague River. The equipment was rusted and had flat tires. It had gears and a gear shift. That was all that was discernible. I was intrigued by the colour and patterns of the rust and the inherent mystery as to what it was. So, when in doubt and intrigued – the solution is to paint it.

Having painted the “junk pile”, the next challenge was to name it. The naming contest led to its identification as once having been scallop rigging, which now makes sense if one looks closely.

Here is a photograph of what inspired me originally and the painting of “Scallop Rig (long) Redundant”.

Margaret Sutton Wailes, artist/painter: watercolour, acrylic, and oil.

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